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Customs clearance is a complex procedure, and failure to meet the trade requirements can cost you delays, extra costs, and penalties.

Our customs clearance
broker service

Using latest technology

Using latest technology

Our customs clearance agents use advanced technology for customs filling, tracking, submitting, and reporting on declarations.

Priced & scalable

Priced & scalable
Our customs brokers process small to large declarations and are available 24/7. They automate customs procedures to boost productivity and lower costs.

Highly trained & skilled

Highly trained & skilled
Certified and expert in customs regulations and provide a high level of service. They keep track of evolving customs laws and cover the most common customs procedures.
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our best in class customs broker

Our best-in-class
customs brokers will. . .

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Our customs brokers use the latest custom clearance software for export/import declarations.

Direct communication with HMRC
Direct communication with HMRC to make sure your shipments are delivered efficiently. 
Calculate customs duty accurately
Calculate customs duty accurately to help you avoid additional charges and duties.
Professional staff with diverse
Professional staff with diverse knowledge of import/export processes understand global trade requirements.
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to declare your goods on your behalf?
ClearCustoms brokers complete your declarations efficiently,
accurately, and five-times faster.

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