Customs Clearance is a complex process that can result in hefty fines, cost you delays, and extra charges if not managed appropriately. Hiring a good customs broker can streamline customs processes more efficiently. Many companies spend lots of time and money finding reliable and trustworthy customs broker services to manage their customs clearance activities.


In this blog post, we’ll read some valuable tips for picking the best-in-class customs agent for your trade business. So, let’s dive deep!

Who is a Customs broker?

These are law enforcement officers electronically registered with customs authorities, which speeds up communications and declares your imports and exports through borders. 


Duties Performed by Customs Broker:


  1. Providing Commodity Code


Every product on the earth has a unique individual code. A customs broker will examine the all-important classification and provide you with the correct commodity code. The commodity code is then used to create customs documents. However, this isn’t always enough.


  1. Get You an Import Licence


Some products may require an import licence. They might be dangerous or restricted commodities. This is when the customs brokers are useful again since they know exactly what documentation is needed to get you an import licence.


  1. Clear Payments

Customs brokers can also assist with processing payments. If you’re a frequent importer who has to pay duty, taxes, or VAT on commodities, your customs brokers or freight agents may have a duty deferment or VAT deferral account, which means you do not have to pay the duty or VAT right away.

10 Useful Tips To Hire The Right Customs Broker

Here are some great tips that you can use to hire a customs agent for your import and export business.

1- Shop Around for Different Customs Brokerage Services

Multiple customs agents provide various services. Before choosing someone, do proper research on your end. Do not depend on recommendations. Browse around and make a list of customs clearance brokers for your consideration. Alternatively, you can look for a broker on Google.

Some websites also contain a list of registered customs clearing brokers. Shortlist the top five customs clearance service providers depending on their price, reviews, reputation, and past clients. This information will help you better decide on finding a relevant service.

2- Opt-out a certified professional

If you have decided to take services from a customs broker, the next step in this process is to search for an experienced and skilled person. Make sure to select the one who is approved by profession. The agent should be trained in dealing with government agencies and customs officials. A skilled person can import or export goods more easily and quickly than the general customs clearing agent, saving you time and money. 

3- Find a Dedicated Firm

Many reputable companies offer other services related to the same process. A firm providing a comprehensive range of services indicates that it is a growing company and pays attention to its client’s convenience. Make sure that the firm of your choice has a dedicated team for customs clearance, and their priority is their customers’ satisfaction. You have to choose the firm with the right expertise that you can rely on. 

4- Select a scalable service

The agents give more attention to excellent import value businesses, so choose a service provider that handles small and large-scale companies. Some experts recommend that small businesses can get more benefits from the services of small to medium-sized customs brokers. Big companies usually have a massive network of more efficient representatives. So the best practice is to go for a large customs brokerage firm because they have more facilities.

5- Ask More Questions

Ask your shortlists a few pertinent questions if you hire a customs broker to manage your import and export declarations. For instance, inquire about the customs code for the items you’re exporting or importing. The one should be able to tell you what the customs code is, what the duty is for the place you’re shipping it to, or what the import duty is for the UK. The broker tells you everything in a brief period. It’s a straightforward query that will separate the wheat from the chaff.

6- Hire a Responsible Person

Improper customs documentation might result in items being held up or even impounded. If there is a delay, it is going to be with customs. Delays can result in higher expenses for you in terms of missed revenue and storage fees, as well as for your freight firm. Customs brokers are headache-avoiders and care for all the crossing problems. 

Their services can include any of the following:

  • File customs declarations forms
  • Streamline your customs clearance process efficiently 
  • Guide the process of importing goods into the UK
  • Maintain HMRC compliance in your business
  • Keep track of your import duties and taxes
  • Provide professional guidance and assistance
7- Choose a Fully-Automated Service

Electronic customs filing is mandatory if you’re importing or exporting goods after Brexit. You are required to submit your declarations to the customs authority electronically. Some customs brokers still use manual ways to fill the trade documents. This could result in the data not being updated regularly. So opt out of the customs clearance service that provides automated customs declaration solutions.

8- Select an Agent Using Advanced Technology

It’s the era of machine learning, and the trade industry is also transforming. Use a broker service that utilises advanced ways of handling customs activities. You must use a service that provides digital solutions for customs clearance, import/export filing, data entry, declaration submission, duty valuation, validation, and communications.

9- Check Social Media Presence

Now, social media has accelerated every business. Check if the customs clearing agent service providers actively post on their social media platforms. This is a better way to look over the latest happenings, history, staff members, achievements, and reviews of the relevant company.

10- Draw up a Dedicated Contract

Creating a contract when working with a customs broker is a good practice. That is an intelligent way to safeguard yourself and your assets. Get everything on an agreement paper that can be used later if any issue arises. You can mention pricing, scheduling, services, policies, and method of shipment in the agreement. That will protect you and promote a long-term and positive relationship.


Hiring a customs broker to assist you in clearing your goods through customs can make your life much easier. You have to pay them for the service, but they can help you reduce the risk of delayed imports and exports at the border. They handle all your customs processes and procedures to ensure you focus on your business.


When selecting a customs broker, clear communication and transparency are key to establishing a successful partnership. Ensure that the broker is open and responsive to your questions and concerns, and that they provide clear and accurate information. Additionally, it’s important to consider the broker’s privacy policy, including their approach to cookie consent, to ensure the protection of your personal data.

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