Customs declaration UK: A step-by-step guide

Customs declaration

Customs declaration UK: A step-by-step guide A customs declaration is a government-issued document that lists exactly what is being imported or exported, and provides the information needed to assess the safety and security of the goods’ as well as calculate and collect any applicable duty and VAT. Travellers mostly fill out a customs declaration when […]

The best guide to export documentation for UK

uk export documentation

The best guide to export documentation for UK The world of export documentation can be challenging and perplexing if you’re new to international trade. Even seasoned exporters occasionally experience complications while filling out the paperwork for their shipments. First-time exporters may find the export documentation somewhat intimidating and complex, but don’t let that stop you […]

Customs Declaration Service UK: All You Need To Know

customs declaration service

Customs Declaration Service UK: All You Need To Know In August 2018, the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) introduced a phased rollout of the Customs Declaration Service (CDS). After handling a small number of import declarations, it will soon replace the present Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) system. It will handle a […]

Customs Clearance UK: How To Get It Right?

custom clearance UK

Customs Clearance UK: How to get it right? Customs clearance is required before goods can be imported or exported internationally. If a shipment is cleared, the shipper must produce documents confirming the payment of customs duties before the package can be processed. Customs clearing becomes even easier when a customs broker is employed to refer […]

10 useful tips to hire the right customs broker

Customs Brokers: Responsibilities & Obligations From January 1, 2021, all products transiting between the UK, the EU, and beyond will require a customs declaration. Exporting and importing items into and out of the UK for your business now requires more paperwork and expertise than ever before. As a busy, worldwide trading firm, understanding and implementing […]

Export Declaration UK: How to get it right

uk export declaration

Export Declaration UK: How to get it right Are you sending your goods across the world? When operating a global business, the efficient transfer of your goods to and from the UK is essential. Your goods must not only arrive, but they must arrive without delay, with the correct amount of duty paid and a […]


ClearCustoms. Press Release: Investment Announcement Dated: June 17, 2022 A former unicorn founding member raised funding to revolutionise the legacy customs management software market. ClearCustoms is on a quest to disrupt the customs clearance industry and the $8 trillion legacy supply chain software market. It will substantially reduce the time and cost of 200 million […]

Export Control UK: All you need to know

uk export control

UK Export Control: All you need to know The UK now has its own export control regime, which governs the flow of dual-use and other sensitive goods out of the country. The export control system is still evolving. Companies must keep up with the latest legislation. Otherwise, they may face legal and financial consequences if […]

Types of Customs Duties and Taxes on Importing Goods Into The UK

import duties and taxes

Duties and Taxes: Importing Goods Into UK When goods cross international borders, they are subject to customs duties. In order to maintain the local businesses, economies, and industries, the local governments created special agencies and authorities to impose customs duties. Furthermore, depending on the place of origin, different products are subject to different customs taxes. […]