Press Release: Investment Announcement
Dated: June 17, 2022

A former unicorn founding member raised funding to revolutionise the legacy customs management software market.

ClearCustoms is on a quest to disrupt the customs clearance industry and the $8 trillion legacy supply chain software market. It will substantially reduce the time and cost of 200 million additional yearly import and export transactions between the UK and EU post-Brexit.

About Clear Customs

We have worked with Customs experts to create a simple platform for UK companies and Customs agents to electronically file Customs declarations with greater accuracy. 

Our digital-first approach makes declarations convenient and simple.

The investment is led by Fuel Ventures, Plug and Play Ventures, and renowned angel investors.

ClearCustoms is headed by Adnan Zaheer, a trained accountant with experience in FTSE100, startups, and the Big 4 consultancy firm. He’s the founding member of Smart Pension. He is also the founder and president of Seers, a leading privacy and consent management platform.


“After Brexit, customs clearance requirements in the United Kingdom have impeded trade. March 2022 exports are 22 percent lower than March 2018 exports." said Adnan Zaheer, CEO of ClearCustoms. "ClearCustoms has arisen as a solution for businesses facing a variety of issues stemming from the current worldwide pandemic and Brexit, which have negatively impacted the global supply chain and exposed legacy supply chain software."

Benefits of ClearCustoms:

- Integrations with hundreds of carriers, eCommerce platforms, and logistic software
- Accurate and timely digital documentation for Electronic Customs Records compliance
- Customs Clearance only in a few minutes
- Increased customer satisfaction by accuracy, time, and cost savings
- Technical team led by the UK's ex
-HMRC technology leaders specialised in customs.

About ClearCustoms is a customs management software that helps UK, EU & across the world importers & exporters and Clearing agents to swiftly & accurately make customs declarations in just a few minutes saving them 10 times time and money.

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