Customs clearance UK is required before goods can be imported or exported internationally. If a shipment is cleared, the shipper must produce documents confirming the payment of customs duties before the package can be processed. Customs clearing becomes even easier when a customs broker is employed to refer to during imports and exports.

What is Customs Clearance UK?

Customs clearance UK is the process of obtaining approval from the relevant government agency to import. or export goods into the United Kingdom. Customs clearance is as a document issued through the customs authority to a transporter.


Before delivering various goods, shippers may ask what customs clearance means and how it relates to their shipping alternatives. Each country’s customs clearance quota must be met by every international ocean freight shipment. Customs clearance is a necessary step in the process of enabling goods to enter a country via an authorised customs broker.

Customs Clearance UK: How to get it right?

Customs clearance UK is the process of legally and properly importing goods from a foreign country into the United Kingdom. It involves declaring the goods to the customs authorities, paying any applicable duties and taxes, and complying with all relevant regulations and procedures. If you are importing goods into the UK, you may need to go through customs clearance, depending on the nature and value of the goods you are importing.


There are several steps involved in customs clearance in the UK:

  • Determine the classification of your goods


In order to determine the applicable duties and taxes, you will need to correctly classify your goods according to the Harmonized System (HS) codes.

  • Obtain the necessary documents


You will need to provide certain documents to the customs authorities, such as a commercial invoice, a bill of lading, and any relevant certificates or licences.

  • Pay duties and taxes


You will need to pay any applicable duties and taxes on your imported goods.

  • Customs Officers Checks:


A customs officer will check to see if any fees will be imposed on a shipment. Depending on the commodities, their worth, and the laws enforced by the importing country. If the value of the products exceeds a tax bracket, the officer will check to see if taxes and duties have been paid.

  • Release of Shipment


When the duties and taxes are paid on importing goods your shipment is released. Handle documents correctly.

  • Submit a customs declaration


You will need to complete a customs declaration form and provide it to the customs authorities. This form will include details about the nature and value of your goods, as well as any applicable duties and taxes.

  • Wait for clearance


After you have completed all the necessary steps, your goods will be cleared for import into the UK.


It is important to note that customs clearance can be a complex process, and it is advisable to seek the assistance of a customs broker or a freight forwarder to ensure that your goods are properly declared and cleared.

Customs Clearance UK

What documentation is required for Customs Clearance UK?

It is important to have the required documentation in place while carrying goods when you are importing. Documents that are missing or incorrect can cause delays and extra costs, or even stop a shipment from arriving at all.


Additionally, when running a business that imports, there are documentation requirements. Even if you hire a freight forwarder or a customs agent, you are responsible for ensuring that the proper documentation is provided and readily available.

Which documents are necessary to complete the import clearance process in the United Kingdom?

The following documents are necessary to complete the import clearance process in the United Kingdom:

  • Commercial invoice for the imported goods.
  • A packing list
  • An export declaration signed by an agent in the exporting country


What should a commercial invoice include? 

The commercial invoice should ideally include the following information:

  • Names, locations, and EORI numbers of the importers
  • The invoice number and the date
  • Description of the product
  • Total invoice value, net weight, and number of packages
  • Total figures for each unique commodity code: the origin, the net weight, the value, and the number of packages
  • Transportation costs
  • If applicable, a statement of origin


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