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The way enterprises conduct trade between the UK and the EU has shifted, and customs declarations are now mandatory. ClearCustoms smart software streamline the process through which businesses make their customs declarations directly


Customs declaration process

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Easy to use interface

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Quicker customs clearing

Manage Brexit changes effectively

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Manage all documents
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Directly submit import
declarations to HRMC

Do business directly with the new Customs Declaration Software (CDS) of British Customs (HRMC) or the (CHIEF)

HRMC’s changelog into
real-time requirements.

Any changes or updates required are directly communicated with your Customs Team.

Progress reporting and
direct input from HRMC

HMRC real-time response to handle requests and keep goods moving

Automated Communication
with CSP’s

Import declarations at the logistics hub must go through the relevant CSP, and it’s IT Systems.

Compatible with NCTS

NCTS enables the movement of undeclared commodities to Ireland, inland customs offices, or customs warehouses.

Smart automation for
prefilled templates

Uses information from your trader profile to pre-populate sections of the declaration

Quick categorisation of products with Commodity Codes lookup

Smart commodity code lookup helps you identify and categorise products by using product descriptions

Export Control
System (ECS)

Entering the United Kingdom through the Import Control System (ICS) and making arrival declarations are handled by this system.


The complete audit trail of customs imports and the current statuses of the ongoing declarations with advanced filters.

ClearCustoms fits you If your or your company
regularly trades items between the UK and the EU